We often wonder why even after Shaitan is chained or locked up during ramadan but people still continue to sin. It turns out everyone has a Nafs or soul and if that soul or nafs is corrupted it will make you sin even if there is no was-wasa from Shaitan. This corrupted nafs is called Nafs-e-Ammarah.

There is an amazing ayah Surah Yusuf ayah 53, that clarifies it.

Background of this ayah is that Hazart Yusuf AS was imprisoned due to the false allegations of the wife of the minister (Zulaikha). After 40 years when Hazrat Yusuf AS was finally free to go he asked Pharaoh about the women who accused him. Pharaoh then called the wife of Minister and asked her about what had happened between her and Hazrat Yusuf AS. After 40 years the wife of the minister testifies to Hazart Yusuf AS being innocent.

Although at this point Hazar Yusuf AS could have easily looked at all the accusers and let them know he was right! Instead he simply says the following

And I do not absolve my inner self
of blame. Surely, man’s inner self
often incites to evil, unless my Lord
shows mercy. Certainly, my Lord is
the Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful

We learn that Nafs-e-Ammarah incites a person to do evil. Ramadan is therefore a good time for you to find out how corrupt your soul is.

DON’T loose hope because at the end of the ayah Hazrat Yusuf AS also tells us how this nafs can be fixed!

Answer is Mercy of Allah. So we have to ask Allah in Ramadan to have mercy on our soul so that it becomes pure again.